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What is Tenancy360 used for?

Tenancy360 is a service provided to help letting agents and landlords onboard tenants.

Our flexible systems allow letting agents to tailor every part of the tenant onboarding journey in a way that works for them. Through a personalised dashboard, letting agents and landlords can reference tenants, create tenancy agreements, collect holding deposits, security deposits and rental payments.

Who can sign up to Tenancy360?

Signing up to Tenancy360 is completely free and available to all letting agents and landlords that are looking for help onboarding tenants.

How does Tenancy360 reference prospective tenants?

Tenancy360 offers a range of reference checks to suit your specific needs. These include:

  • Identity Document verification and Right To Rent
  • Previous Landlord Reference
  • Affordability Assessment (via Open Banking or Employer Reference)
  • Credit Bureau Check

The checks that we make are completely flexible. Any combination can be selected for each tenancy onboarded with us.

Does Tenancy360 offer Rental Guarantee Insurance?

Yes, Rental Guarantee Insurance is available through Tenancy360 subject to acceptance criteria. More details on this can be found here.

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