Application Forms

Are you looking for a faster way to narrow down your list of suitable tenants?

Send out a quick and easy, information gathering form, to allow you to decide if a tenant is suitable to take on a viewing or put through an in-depth reference.

Our application forms gather all of the basic information required to filter through applicants so you can find those that are right for the property faster and for a lower cost.

Proud partners

Moving home can be a busy and stressful time, so we have partnered with Just Move in to save tenants up to eight hours of admin.

We offer tenants a free Home Setup Service, managing all of the things which usually take hours of time to sort out yourself.

Just Move In are the experts at moving home and will manage the entire process, so your tenants can focus on getting settled in to their new home.

Here are some of the services they can help with:

Council tax
Water & sewerage
Gas & electricity
Broadband & landline
TV & media
Royal Mail
TV licence

Great value for tenants and more protection for your landlords is just a click away!

With Reposit, tenants can pay an upfront fee of just 1 week's rent, no VAT or minimum fee, giving your landlords are protection for 8 week's worth of rent.

This is 60% more than a cash deposit and the most cover offered by any deposit alternative on the market. Absolutely free of charge to you and your landlords.

Reposit boosts tenant demand so you can let properties faster, provides more security to your landlords, all while paying you commission on every policy sold. What's not to love about that?

By partnering with Alan Boswell, you can rest assured your clients receive the highest quality cover and service while you benefit from an additional income stream.

By partnering with Alan Boswell, you can rest assured your clients receive the highest quality cover and service while you benefit from an additional income stream.

Application Forms

Application Forms

Are you looking for a faster way to narrow down your list of suitable Efficient tenant screening with our pre-referencing forms: Find suitable tenants faster, for free.

Looking for a more streamlined process to sift through potential tenants?

Our quick and easy application forms can help! Simply send out our information gathering form to quickly assess if a tenant is a suitable fit for a viewing or in-depth reference check.

Our comprehensive application forms gather all the basic information needed to filter through applicants, allowing you to find the right tenants for your property quickly and cost-effectively.

In-Depth Referencing

With the current economic climate, referencing to understand the suitability of your tenants has never been so important!

We understand just how crucial it is to find reliable tenants to fill your properties. That's why comprehensive referencing is more important than ever. Our process gathers a wealth of information on a tenant's affordability through employer referencing, payslip/ bank statement assessment, and the use of Open Banking technology.

Our strong credit checking, ID verification for Right to Rent, and previous landlord referencing also provide added assurance that you're making an informed decision about your potential tenants, every time.

With Tenancy360, you can be confident that you're finding the right tenants for your property in these challenging times.

In depth referencing
Tenancy Agreements

Tenancy Agreements

Streamline your tenancy agreement process with seamless drafting, signing, and execution.

Save time and reduce double data entry by simplifying your tenancy agreement process with our all-in-one platform. With our solution, you can seamlessly transition from referencing a tenancy to drafting, sending, signing and executing the tenancy agreement, all in one smooth workflow.

Our platform captures all the necessary data during the referencing process, eliminating the need for standalone tenancy agreement creation. This ensures that you have all the information you need to draft a comprehensive agreement quickly and easily.

We also support renewals and help you issue prescribed information all within the journey. Transform your process with our platform and tap into a more efficient way to manage your tenancy agreements.

Payment Collection

Streamline your pre-tenancy payment collection today!

Looking to simplify your pre-tenancy payment collection process? Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to manage all initial tenancy payments, from holding deposits, move in monies, or security deposits and initial rental payments by themselves.

Simply set up your property and set deposit/rental amounts, and then request payments at the appropriate time as you progress with an application. Our dashboard allows you to easily manage and track all payments in one place, eliminating the need for multiple platforms or manual tracking.

With our streamlined process, you can collect pre-tenancy payments quickly and easily, freeing up more time to focus on other aspects of your property management. Say goodbye to tedious payment collection and hello to a simpler, more efficient process with our dashboard.

Payment Collection
Earn money back

Earn Money Back

A tenant onboarding service that pays for Itself? Earn commission when working with our partners that make yours and your tenants lives easier.

Looking for a way to make your tenancy referencing service more cost-effective? With Tenancy360, it's possible to earn money back in cash payments or credits when you offer tenants additional services that make their move easier.

With Tenancy360, you can flip your referencing costs, so that it pays for itself, helping you to save money in your property management process.

We are also market leaders with our affordable pricing, so money can be saved before you even start offering any services to tenants that support them in their new home.

Compliance Support

When setting up a tenancy, there are many processes and checklists you need to tick off, but what if you didn't need to worry about all of that?

Tenant onboarding can be a time-consuming and complex process, ensuring you issue all of your prescribed information to your tenants at the correct time.

With Tenancy360, you can do just that. Our dashboard provides support for issuing important documents such as your EPC, EICR, Gas Safety Certificate, and deposit protection details, all alongside the tenancy agreement and How to Rent guide. This means you can focus on making the move-in process as smooth as possible for your tenants, while we take care of the paperwork.

Our platform is designed to simplify your tenancy set-up process, helping you to save time and effort while ensuring you stay compliant with your legal obligations.

Compliance support

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