Rental Guarantee Insurance

Welcome to the Tenancy360's rental guarantee insurance page. RGI is a valuable insurance policy for landlords who want rental income protection, RGI is available from £210.00 and covers properties up to £2,500 per month. The coverage lasts 12 months and includes the Insurance Premium Tax, in addition to this is offers the following:

  • Nil Excess
  • £100,000 Legal Cover, Including Eviction Costs
  • Section Notices
  • Access to 24/7 Legal Expenses Helpline

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In order for the tenants to receive RGI they must satisfy the following three conditions:

1.Each tenant has the right to rent in the UK and provides proof in these forms:

One of :

1. A valid UK Passport
2. A UK National Identity Card
3. A UK Residence Permit

Or one of :

1. A valid UK Driving Licence
2. A Valid and In-Date Travel Visa

Combine with :

1. A proof of address

- Banks Statement
- Tenancy Agreement
- Council Tax Bill

2. Each tenant has a clean Credit File :

When Checked there must be 3 years without :

- CCJs
- Bankruptcies
- IVAs

3. The combined Gross Salary of the tenants is 30 times the monthly rent or 2.5 times the annual rent:

Evidence can be provided by :

- Open Banking Access
- Employer Reference
- Multi-Tenant Dwelling allow for a Combination

Tenancy360 is looking to work with a range of insurers, to ensure we provide the Rental Guarantee Insurance that works for you. Check out our award winning partners below:

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